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How you can Spot an imitation Marc Jacobs Purse

In this very informative guide, we shall describe several details about an authentic Marc Jacobs purse that may help you discount the fakes. This really is by no means a complete and endorsed self-help guide to everything about a authentic Marc Jacobs purse, but we now have provided enough relevant information that will help you improve your likelihood of spotting a bogus Marc Jacobs purse. Combining the brand-specific information with all the universal tells most of us shall provide, this will keep you protected from the countless Marc Jacobs purse counterfeits in the market.


One important tip regarding zippers is that if the zipper is blank and with out a brand stamp, this is a fake. A Marc Jacobs purse has either Riri or Lampo zippers. They will use Riri zippers on their classic bags and so are one of the most popular zippers in the all of the Marc Jacobs purse lines. Riri zippers should have a round head, and should not come to a 菟oint.・There are a handful of counterfeiters which use fake Riri or Lampo zippers, but you will find usually distinguishable characteristics between the authentic and bogus ones.

Below are podemos a few Riri points of reference:

The letters 妬・on the Riri logo must not have a curved base. They need to look like this: \. If you notice a regular-shaped 妬,・it is most likely a replica Marc Jacobs purse.
In the event you examine the top of the zipper head, you will find that this is a completely curved shape, plus it doesn't arrived at a point above the brand Riri.
At the base from the zipper just below the company name, there should always be lots which is sized the zipper used on the purse. For bigger zippers, the size is M8 as well as the small inner pockets, they will use M4.

Lampo information: The Lampo brand can be used about the East/West purses. There are several Marc Jacobs purse that carry the Lampo zipper. A few of the older models use the Lampo brand. Also used will be the one with a lightning bolt underneath the brand Lampo.

Tags and Ghd serial numbers

Older models of Marc Jacobs purses don't always have embossed ghd serial numbers. The ghd serial numbers are simply in a few of the inner pockets inside the corner seam. They are white or black with black letters indicating the season and model numbers.

Not every Marc Jacobs purses have ghd serial numbers. The older ones normally would not have them just like some signature models such as the MP, Stella and Sophia.
A Marc Jacobs product doesn't need metallic or leather tag hanging away from it. Moreover, the interior labels of the bags are metal and so are never made from leather.
A Marc Jacobs purse needs to be stamped 溺ade in Italy・on the metal logo plate under the brand name or you can think it is inside the inner zippered pocket sewn inside. Some purses have it stamped about the leather nearby the lip with the bag.
The older signature models have metal nameplates either in precious metal. The greater recent ones have the brand embossed about the leather.
The concept tags connected to the purse that indicates the style, price, model and color should invariably be fastened by way of a black string. The string is held together with a white plastic Marc Jacobs rectangular piece. Phony Marc Jacobs purses have been seen with tags hanging over a white string.
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