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Lower Medical Bill Costs For Cataract Surgery

Patients can minimize their cataract surgery costs by selecting cost effective lenses and providers. There is lots of biased information available on cataract surgery costs because cataract lenses really are a "big business" for manufacturers, surgeons, and surgery facilities. The Medicare program and Medicare people are the most frequent payors of cataract surgery costs.

Cataract surgery lens costs

If the cataract surgery lens expense is less than $150 per eye, then you can not be personally billed more for your lenses from the surgeon or surgery center under Medicare rules. When the cataract surgery lens expense is greater than $150, then Medicare allows the facility to bill you since the patient for an amount within the $150.

Fortunately, the 3 most widely used cataract lenses all are less expensive than $150. They're good lenses and will maintain your problem of cloudy vision. You can't be billed for that price of these cataract lenses simply because they are less expensive than $150. The "xx" inside the models below indicates a placeholder for size. Collectively, I estimate these three lenses are used in over 90% of cataract surgeries.

Most Popular Cataract Lenses:

Model: Acrysof IQ SN60WF "xx"
Company: Alcon
Cost: $150
Under Medicare Limit: Yes

Model: Sofport LI61AO "xx"
Company: Bausch & Lomb
Cost: $150
Under Medicare Limit: Yes

Model: Tecnis ZA9003 "xx"
Company: AMO
Cost: $135
Under Medicare Limit: Yes

Depending on my estimates, Alcon's Acrysof IQ above is utilized in about 50% of cataract surgeries and also the Bausch & Lomb's Sofport and AMO's Tecnis make-up another 40% of cataract surgeries. These marketshare percentages are based on my experience employed in the ambulatory surgery business and that i have not verified them against actual sales data.

Surgeons may make an effort to "upsell" you into more costly lenses which will also correct presbyopia or astigmatism, but you'll have to pay big money for every lens from the own pocket. Alcon's Toric lenses and ReSTOR lenses below are samples of cataract lenses that have large patient out-of-pocket costs.

Cost per Eye of "Premium" Cataract Lenses

Model: Acrysof IQ Toric SN6AT3-5 "xx"
Company: Alcon
Provider Cost: $495
Patient Cost: $345
Under Limit: No

Model: Acrysof IQ ReSTOR
Company: Alcon
Provider Cost: $495-$895
Patient Cost: $345-$745
Under Limit: No

It is significantly less expensive to buy eyeglasses for $120 rather than to pay an additional $690-$1,490 for premium cataract lenses which will correct presbyopia.

Hospital and surgery center costs

Cataract surgery costs to Medicare Porque patients are significantly reduced ambulatory surgery centers than they have been in hospital surgery departments. The surgery costs below are based on 2011 national Medicare rates which may be adjust slightly to your state.

Facility Cataract Surgery Fees for starters Eye

Ambulatory Surgery Center
Medicare Pays: $761
Patient Pays: $190

Medicare Pays: $1,307
Patient Pays: $326

Patients will save you 42% business cataract surgery costs on coinsurance when you go to an ambulatory surgery center instead of a hospital surgery department. The Medicare program itself saves lots of money when patients have cataract surgeries performed in true ambulatory surgery centers as opposed to hospitals.

Total cataract surgery cost benefits

Therefore if an individual would go to an ambulatory surgery center and chooses among the three lenses beneath the Medicare allowable limit described in this article, the real key or she could save over $1,000 on the cataract surgery costs for both eyes.
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