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Pocket Mafia or Frontierville: Which is More Fun?

Pocket Mafia
Pocket Mafia is very crafted for game lovers and is easily played on your mobile handset, PC and even tablet. The graphics of the game are only perfect irrespective of which platform you need to play. In the game, you will find the substitute for explore 9 different cities, participate in gang wars and even you can run your own personal business. You must do everything that helps you to achieve greater rankings hanging around. There are lots of selections for gamers for example they could commit crimes, workout at gym, visit schools, buy weapons, do estate business and much more.

With so many features, the game is really exciting and easy to play also. New features are constantly put into the overall game to boost the experience of users. You can build allies and make enemies but be sure to kill them in order to rank higher. It is possible to fight with players and place their money too that is among the coolest options that come with this game. Marketing and get armor, weapons using the item shop option. The gamers may either build up their gang or play solo in accordance with choice. By treasuring more money amongst people, you have the option to employ other players to overcome.

You are able to declare fight against other gangs and also hold gigantic gang wars. After completing every level, players can access exclusive cities, new features and weapons. The sport is just superb if you have real craze to play mafia games. Pocket Mafia has almost all the features that needs to be available in a great game.

Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars is browser based MMORPG interactive game particularly for social network sites. It is really about the most Facebook applications available today. The players could make millions of money by laundering, robberies, declaring wars and fighting with gangsters. There are various cities and you can conquer these cities by fighting with players. There is a large community of players together with lots of missions. Cool expansions and shop merchandise is available by utilizing which players can reach at the very top level.

The same as other Mafia games, funds are the important point about this game too. Players can double as well as triple their funds by using real estate. Properties for example Mega casino, Office Park, Dockyard, Tenement, Flophouse, Restaurant, and Warehouse etc can be found in which players can invest. There are lots of exciting fighting option is available. Players can attack, rob and declare wars on other mobsters. The world's your oyster on number of robberies that can be done.

While playing Mafia Wars, players are encouraged to increase the Mafia family by inviting or adding new Facebook friends. The announcements, special jobs and updates can be accessed from your website. By collecting increasingly more items, you are able to give generously to other low-level players to create a greater Mafia. Huge variety of armor, weapons and vehicles can be found in the sport so that players can enjoy an original but interesting gaming such (why not try these out) experience.

So, both Pocket Mafia and Frontierville are cool games to experience but make sure to read the playing instructions in order to enjoy at its best!
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